About us

ProfiPaul® is a brand of 2wheel 4wheel GmbH and offers professional supplies in the workshop equipment
segment via an online shop.

The range of products from ProfiPaul® currently includes professional 2- and 4-post lifts, scissor lifts, workshop
compressors, as well as tire balancing and assembly machines. A wide range of accessories and spare parts is
also offered for the aforementioned product lines. In addition, ProfiPaul® also offers various complete workshop
packages, the components of which are optimally coordinated.

The company has its headquarters in Pocking (Landkreis Passau) and was founded
on 13.01.2010 as a GmbH by the business owner Michael Schmidtner.

The products that are sold through ProfiPaul® are manufactured without exception according to strict specifications and
high standards and are subject to permanent quality control and further development.